Sailing in Sanya Hainan
Enjoy the Happy & Warm Sun Shine
Sailing in Sanya Hainan
Enjoy the Happy & Warm Sun Shine

San Ya

Sanya, the second most populous city of the Hainan Province, is China's southernmost city tip in the whole country. The city, as well as the whole island, is famous for its unique tropical weather, white sand beaches and palm trees as well as its prominent role as a harbor for exchanges with Southeast Asia. Recently emerged as a renowned popular tourist destination, Sanya offers to travelers the opportunity of enjoying the best of itself all year long as it is possible to have a rest there, even at winter time while northerner cities are covered under a thick and beautiful blanket of snow. This destination is delightful for the one who wants to relax away from the mainland's exciting turmoil, and it may give a lot of surprises for who want to enter in an amazing new world: China's unique tropical paradise on earth.
 Transformed from a spot that no one wanted to visit, to China's most popular relaxing area, Sanya is often compared by travelers as a place featuring many similarities with the island of Hawai. Lying in a tropical atmosphere, fauna and flora, Sanya has so much to offer to who want to enjoy pristine beaches lying by mountains and have a postcard-like scenery in front of them. Since recent years, Sanya has been transformed in such an attractive place that it is now impossible to miss the opportunity to discover this other vision of China. The city has been totally constructed in a more modern way after the arrivals of several international resorts.


Recommended Islands:

  • Sunset in Sanya Bay (Line A)

    TOTAL: 17h
    Price @ RMB3,800.-
    14:45, Arrive Marina;
    15:00, Go sailing along Green Island, Phoenix Island and Coconut Porch;
    16:00, Anchor in Sanya Bay & enjoy water sports;
    17:30, Sail back Marina;
    19:00, check in Boat and stay;
    8:30 am, 2nd day, disembark.

  • 822784538

    Crossing East Island (Line B)

    TOTAL: 20h
    Price: RMB5,800
    12:15, Arrive Marina;
    12:30, Go sailing along Green Island, Phoenix Island, Coconut Porch & East Island;
    14:00, Anchor in Sanya Bay & enjoy water sports;
    17:00, Sail back;
    18:00, Return Marina;
    19:30, check in Boat and stay;
    8:30 am, 2nd day, disembark.

  • 1572343858

    South Mountain Guanyin Buddha (Line C)

    TOTAL: 1 Day
    Price: RMB9,800.-
    18:30, Arrive Marina;
    19:00, check in & onboard;
    9:00 am, 2nd day, Go sailing along Green Island, Phoenix Island, Coconut;
    12:30, Arrive South Mountain and worship Guanyin Buddha;
    14:00, Return;
    18:00, back to marina, disembark。

Boats Introduction:

  • EASY-9.7
    EASY 9.7
    • Price Includes:
      - Yacht charter and its facilities
      - Yacht insurance and charter operation insurance 
      - Fuel and marina mooring fee
      - Water, beverage and fruit
      - Snorkeling mask and fishing rods
      - Final boat cleaning
      - Skipper and crew salaries 
      - Two sets of clean sheets and towels per cabin
    • Price Excludes
      - Transportation to and from Marina
      - Water sport equipment rental fees and coaching fees
      - Touristic site entrance, private island boarding fees and other entertainments
      - Dinner and alcohols
      - Souvenirs and shopping
      - Boat security deposit €2,000.-