We see your love
Sea is deep like your happiness
We see your love
Sea is deep like your happiness

Wedding & Honeymoon

Love is worth of a ceremonial wedding. After the wedding day, life is different. Two bachelors turn to be a couple. Such an important day should a special one. Come to have a romantic wedding on a sailing yacht. Beneath the blue sky, speak out your vows of love. Your happiness will be as deep as the sea.
1 Design a special invitation with sailing style. Invite your friends and family, on board to witness the beginning of your marriage. In future, there is nothing could separate you until die with snow hair.
After the wedding is over, it will turn to be new life. Choose a beautiful sea and sail together with your love, enjoy the 2 persons world. Let your honeymoon is full of sweet! Sailing will let you truly make each other's heart closer and get to be one! 3You control the wheel and I anchor the boat. We will always support each other and cooperate well.
There is only our two, but it is so interesting. We talk what we like, swim in the beautiful bay. Honeymoon shall be so freely.
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There is always so many comfortable zone for living.
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BBQ on the deck and galley in the salon is perfect to cook some delicious food.
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It is so hard to meet the one you love in so big world. Let’s treasure each other in future! 12