Accompanying is the best love
Remark the family day on your agenda
Accompanying is the best love
Remark the family day on your agenda

Family Tour

The real purpose of family tour is accompanying and communication. So sailing vacation is the best way. Because there is no fixed time schedule, you may feel free to sail and stop at any location. There is no need to hurry, life is slow done. Enjoy the 24 hours a day with your family.


It is easy to take care of both elders and kids. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday. This fashion lifestyle is to move your home onto the sea. There are sightseeing platforms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, toilets and even an office. Forget all the troubles, enjoy the happy time.

  • 2 Swimming platform
  • 3 Saloon
  • 4 Galley
  • 5 Cabin
  • 6 Office
  • 7 Bathroom

The sea is the huge nature world. Guide your children to find and explore new places. Sunlight, sea, water, waves, and fish are not only in the fairy tale book, but also real before eyes. They can be touched and felt without any distance.


Sailing is also a team work. Let the child also become a sailor. Through cooperation with other one, they can understand team spirit. Develop to be a brave, strong, independent and optimistic person.


Choose a favorite water sport and learn to challenge himself.


It is always great to see the real world instead of the virtual world in the fairy tale. Teach every child to sail his own life and control the helm of his future!