Qin Huang Dao

With a history of more than 2,000 years, Qinhuangdao is situated at the eastern end of Hebei Province. Legend tells that Emperor Qinshihuang stayed temporarily here for seeking immortality, hence the name. The city is non-freezing port. Along the seacoast, it produces a large quantity of aquatic products. Of interest to visitors are Shanhaiguan Great Wall, Beidaihe Beach, and Meng Jiangnu Temple.
 Shanhaiguan is a famous pass located at a strategic spot of the Great Wall between mountains and sea. It is renowned for its magnificent gatetower named No.l Pass under Heaven. The well-known scenic spot Laolongtou is the starting point of the Great Wall.


Recommended Attractions:

  • Puti Island

    The Puti island is also called as a "natural zoo and gardens solitary over the sea". Located in the Bohai Bay, the international tourist island of Tangshan Bay, Hebei Province, it is the largest island in North China. The Puti island gets its name because it is home of more than 1,000 Bodhi trees in the north. Bodhi Island climate is suitable for producing abundant scenery and features the "Eight Islands" characteristic of desert islands, islands, sand islands, large islands, green islands, bird islands, sun and moon islands, and Buddhist islands. Bodhi Island is also an international bird-watching base. Every year in May and October, bird-watching enthusiasts from various countries gather here for thousands of miles.

  • Jinsha Island

    Jinsha Island is located in the middle of Bohai Sea in the southwest of Leting County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. It is a curved sand island composed of 11 intermittent sand bars. Thanks to the golden sand, the beach is solid and clean. The narrow island divides the sea into the inland sea and the open sea. The sea is bright and sandy, and the sea is blue. It is a natural island bathing beach. The inland sea is rich in the quality of the manure. There is a lot of fish in the water. And the crabs and shellfish are spread over the shallows. They are fishing and sea shells. The ideal world.

  • Feicui Island

    FeicuiIsland is a peninsula composed of yellow sand and green plants. The island's sandy mountains are rolling and sleek, with a maximum height of 44 meters and a radius of seven square kilometers. It is known as the “Jingdong desert”. Feicui Island is silent even in crowded noise.

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