Shen Zhen

Shenzhen, also known as "Peng Cheng", literally meaning the "deep ditch", is one of the first and most successful Special Economic Zones in China. Located in the east bank of Pearl River Delta, the municipality of Shenzhen is of vital importance bordering Daya Bay in the east, Hong Kong in the south and Dongguan, Huizhou in the north. As a city with vibrant life, Shenzhen now is one of China’s fastest growing metropolises and the financial and commercial center, the hub of information and transportation, as well as the high and new-tech industries base. It is also a paradise for tourists where Happy Valley, Windows of the World and other resorts are available to amuse yourselves. Shenzhen is a must-see city that will never disappoints you on your tour to China!


Recommended Attractions:

  • Orange fishing sand

    There is an uphill center a few kilometers away from Nanao Town. You can reach the orange fishing sand along the back of the Qiniang Mountain. The beaches of the orange fishing sand are connected to the woods. The area of the beach is not very wide, but there are fine silver-white sand and blue dazzling sea water. It is the best beach in the area of Yangmei Keng. The beach is surrounded by tall and lively trees. The name of the forest is particularly strange. It is called Casuarina. The welcoming and romantic atmosphere here is beyond the other beaches.

  • Sanmen Island

    Sanmen Island is located at the middle of Daya Bay and Dapeng Bay in the east of Shenzhen. Sanmen Island enjoys a rich cultural landscape. In addition, there are five peaks and one lake in an island with a radius of 5 square kilometers. Every scene on the island is natural. There are a wide variety of animals and plants on the island. 400 species of fish and 485 species of plants are found throughout the island, and 100 species of birds are found too. The rich groundwater resources are also the reason why it is called "Daya Bay Treasure Island".

  • Luzui Mountain Villa

    There is such a place surrounded by sea on three sides. The mysterious and attractive original ecological scenery invites people to be simple and peaceful. Primitive ecology, feelings of mountains and sea, honeymoon paradise, and sports coast are the portraits of Luzui Villa. It has a coastline of five kilometers long, with the rolling Qiniang Mountain on the right and the beautiful Daya Bay on the left. At the end of the coastline, it is the mountain and sea of Luzi Mountain Villa.

  • Yang Mei Keng

    Yangmeikeng, known as the most beautiful valley in Shenzhen, is located on the northwestern side of Nanao Town, before the Qiniang Mountains and the tiger sit on a hill. There is a hill covered with Yangmei. The village below the hill is called Yangmeikeng Village. There are several undeveloped beaches here, with many stones, good water quality, and few people. There is beautiful scenery with forest and birds.

  • Dongchong

    Located at the most southern point of the Dapeng Peninsula, it is beautiful along the coast and has not yet been developed on a large scale. The white sand on the beach is particularly fine, non-polluting, and it feels very comfortable. Surrounded by mountains, there are islands opposite. The sea of Dongchong is blue and transparent, and the waves follow one another in a row. The footsteps of the sand are particularly delicate. When the wind blows, the entire body of the person will feel it too. The sand will float with wind. The most eye-catching thing is the beach is full of shells, which is believed this is unique in the coastal line of Shenzhen.

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