Qing Dao

Known as a "pearl on the Yellow Sea, " Qingdao is surrounded on three sides by water. With Laoshan Mountain as a backdrop, Qingdao's red-tiled roofs and verdant foliage complement its picturesque setting. Its fine beaches, pleasant climate and popular beer brewery make it widely appealing to tourists both at home and abroad. Qingdao, which is the finest aquatic sports centre in Asia, is well known for water competitions. Thus it is no surprise that the International Sail-Boating Association judged that Qingdao is capable of becoming the site of the sailing contest after Beijing won the bid for hosting the 2008 Olympics.


Recommended Attractions:

  • Recommended Attractions:

    It is called "Qindao" and is a small island within Qingdao Bay. The name of the city of Qingdao is come from it. There is a long seawall connecting the small Qingdao and the land. The island is shaded by trees and surrounded by reefs. The seawater is clear and blue. Whenever the sunsets, the scenery is particularly beautiful, and the sun shines the entire bay into gold. The island stands on a lighthouse built in 1898 by the Germans and is one of the landmarks of Qingdao. The lighthouse is completely white and built of marble. It is an important navigation mark for ships passing by and entering and leaving Jiaozhou Bay. When night falls, the lights of the lighthouse and the island are reflected in the sea, like a waving colorful silk, forming a major scenic spot in Qingdao, “The Lamplight of the Qin Island”.

  • Lingshan Island

    Lingshan Island has long been known as the sea of mountains. The paradise is picturesque and picturesque. Lingshan Island, due to the ancient books, "not rain and clouds, the first day and then, if there is a coffin," the name of the record. The island is long and narrow, with the highest peak of 513.6 meters above sea level. It is the highest high island in northern China. Second only to Taiwan Island and Hainan Island in China, it is known as "China's third highest island." The fishermen on the island have a unique style. The village is either on the edge of the cliff, or on the sea, or half hidden in the mountains. The world's first shell building, Lingshan Island Shell House, is a landmark building on Lingshan Island. It is built using more than 500 species and more than 1 million brilliant shells. Its superb design makes numerous people praise!

  • Tian Hengdao

    There is a beautiful Tianheng Island in Hengtian Town, which has an ancient fishing village. Surrounded by the sea, the waves are rippling and the trees are prosperous. Like the beautiful tentacles sticking out from the banks of the Jimo Mountain. According to Records of the Historian, Liu Bang was the emperor in the late Qin and early Han dynasties, and sent Wang Qi Tian to cross the court. Tian Heng was on his way to Luoyang. The 500 officers and men on the island heard of this bad news. They collectively waved their swords and swarms. The world’s 500 officers and men were loyal, and the island was named Tian Tiandao. There is a large temple on the high hill in the west of Tianheng Island, which is the five hundred righteous tomb of Tianheng Island. It is the most famous historical site on the island.

Boat Introduction:

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    CRUISER 46 Rent per hour: ¥3,000.- (For 10 passengers)
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    CRUISER 56 Rent per hour: ¥3,000.- (For 10 passengers)