Hui Zhou

Huizhou is a city in southeast Guangdong Province, China. It forms part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis. Huizhou belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, with the Tropic of Cancer crosses the city. The climate is mild and humid. Due to the pleasant climate all year round, it is marvelous to visit Huizhou at any time of a year. However, it's better to avoid the rainy period that is from July to August. From September to October, it is sunny and good time for visit
 In the north and east part of Huizhou lie ranges of mountains and hills while in the middle covers large areas of plains. The southern part of the city is decorated with long meandering coastline which brings charming sceneries.


Recommended Attractions:

  • Hezheng East Bay Marina

    Hezheng East Bay area has not only four national tourism scenic zones including Xiayong Scenic, Yapojiao Scenic, Jiliao Bay Tourism and Double Moon Bay, but also nearly 100 famous tourist attractions including National Oceanic Windsurfing Base, Gold Coast, Ancient Town Village, Mangrove Forest, Ecological parks, golf courses, diving bases, five-star hotels, coastal hot springs, sea turtle protection bases. Here also has Lingnan and Hakka culture, legends of Yapojiao, Mazu culture, Agriculture and fisheries customs etc.

  • Delta Island

    Located at the Liwan Resort in Huidong County, it is the first private island with legal property rights in China. The island covers an area of 16 hectares. It has always been known as the “Clear water, strange stone and fine sands”. It is called as China’s "The Maldives". Island is always warm and without winter. The sea is clear and green, the beach is white, and there are numerous coral reefs on the seabed. It is like a paradise on the sea.

  • Double Moon Bay

    It was on the Huizhou peninsula, overlooking the South China Sea. Named for the pair of moon-shaped bays that flank the peninsula. Double Moon Bay is a highly desirable location known for its scenic hiking trails. To serve the large numbers of within the new community, as well as the general public, this beachfront town center provides a hub of retail, dining and entertainment venues. Above the bustling street-front, a boutique hotel provides accommodations for visitors to this popular destination. An multi-purpose clubhouse and a sports center provide an internal destination for residents.

Boat Introduction:

  • CRUISER-41
    CRUISER 41 Rent per hour: ¥1,500.- (For 10 passengers)