Da Lian

Dalian is a seaside city of the Liaoning Province lying in Northeast China. Surrounded by the Yellow Sea to the west and the inland Bohai Sea to the east, Dalian is located at the tip of the Liaodong Peninsular. This city is mainly known for its pleasant weather and numerous beaches (1,906 km of coastlines) where travelers and citizens come to relax when the sun is shinning. The climate is a monsoon-influenced humid continental one that makes the enjoyment of baths possible and famous all over northern Asia. Dalian also governs about 260 surrounding islands and reefs. It is a major harbor to northeastern Asia. But the city also displays many historical, cultural and natural features that are likeable to many travelers having the chance to stop by.


Recommended Attractions:

  • Bang Chui Dao 

    Bangchuidao scenic area is about 9 kilometers (some 5 miles) away from the center of Dalian City, located in the east of the Binhai Road. The three Chinese words of Bangchuidao is written by Chairman Mao Zedong. Chairman Mao has not come to Dalian once, which is a great pity for the citizens of Dalian. However, where do the three words of Bangchundao come from? Actually, it comes from a poem of Ye Jianying, which is copied by Chairman Mao. Bangchuidao Scenic Area is a famous seashore resort combining marvelous scenery of hills, sea, islet and beach. The main scenic spots consists of Bangchuidao Islet, the natural lido and Bangchuidao Hotel (guesthouse).  

  • Golden Stone Beach

    Jinshitan Scenic Area, also known as the Golden Pebble Beach National Resort, is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in Dalian. Situated in the south tip of Liaodong Peninsula and bordering the Yellow Sea, Jinshitan Scenic Area is about 50 kilometers from Dalian City. Consisting of two peninsulas and a wide beach, Jinshitan Scenic Area covers a land area of 62 square kilometers and a water surface of 58 square kilometers, and owns a coastline of 30 kilometers. Grotesque Rocks The resort owns a breathtaking landscape. Along the 8 kilometers long coast, at the east part of the peninsula, splendid rocks formations constitute a natural museum of marine-erosion rocks, which formed from Sinian to Cambrian. Those vivid rock formations are of great scientific value and appreciation value. Visitors can see large numbers of strange rocks in various kinds of shapes and postures. Some rocks are similar to camels, turtles, dinosaurs, tigers, and so on. No wonder that it is named as the solidified animal world. The Longevous Rock is the biggest sediment rock with the clearest structure in the world, which was formed 600,000 years ago. Some other geological wonders, formed 300,000 to 600,000 years ago, also provide an interesting sight: some stone monkeys watching the sea, some birds spreading their wings, etc.

  • Xiaoping Island

    Xiaoping Island is beside the sea and the other three sides are the mountains. The depth of sea water ranges from 5m to 10m. It is crystal clear and does not freeze for years. Despite the north wind blowing, the level in the port is like a mirror. It is a beautiful small fishing village. The original residents here are fishermen who make a living from fishing. Here, you can also try the best seafood in Dalian.

Boat Introduction:

    CRUISER 37 Rent per hour: ¥1,200.- (For 10 passengers)
  • CRUISER-41
    CRUISER 41 Rent per hour: ¥1,500.- (For 10 passengers)
  • VISION-42
    VISION 42 Rent per hour: ¥1,800.- (For 10 passengers)
  • VISION-46
    VISION 46 Rent per hour: ¥2,500.- (For 10 passengers)